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Many of the use studies revealed that the websites mobile  navigation micro copy was cluttered and did not fit the intended design minimalism. I paired the site navigation down to a commercial site with a drop down a residential site drop down, about, connect and press. This allowed the mobile navigation to fit easily onto a single screen while containing all of the desktop navigation content.


Because lev vel has many completed projects and several homes that are listed on the market, it was important to have copy on the site that included the address, availability, square footage, and the amount of bedrooms / bathrooms.  I also included a link button that links to the floor plans and the listing. Each home is named after a Scandinavian icon (SAGA  shown here) and a brief description of the home's design.

mobile mock house site.png
floorplan layout.png

This page allowed users to view and print the floorplans in a pdf format.

mobile mockup

The longer form copy on each house page describes the location and features of the selected home.

I chose to elongate the mobile buttons in order to create a more accessible user experience. 

home features.png
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