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 Selkie Cider

The food and beverage program of Alderbrook Resort desired to create a private label cider that would reflect the grandeur of it's surrounding landscape while weaving a story that alluded to with the property's seafaring heritage. The Irish have this old folklore that I had recently heard about and it appealed to me in that it was about humans transforming into seals.  The seals really know how to chill. If you visit the Pacific Northwest, you will likely see them chilling on the docks. They move through the water so effortlessly and they seem to be interested in people. This led me to the conclusion the these Alderbrook seals must be Selkies and that I probably bump into them in human form at the bar from time to time. This label was created using an oil on canvas.

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Selkie 1.jpg


According to Irish folklore, the Selkie  lives a mostly aquatic life as a seal, however, when necessary, it can transform from a seal to a human.

This initial iteration of the Selkie was created using Photoshop masking and painting brush textures.  I wanted to create an image that would both capture a view of the Hood Canal and also the pattern of the the Harbor Seals that are the resident dock dwellers.  


Design Phase

After sketching the seal in various poses, I chose to place the Selkie on a rock with the sea and a moody gray sky ask the background. Having a muted background also creates a contrast to the warm foreground where the Selkie is centered and framed in an arch. This painting was created in oil and was used for the final label prototype. The painting is currently a piece of Alderbrook Resort's Art Collection.

Selkie cider bottle_edited.jpg


The label has been very popular at the Alderbrook and the cider is a top seller.

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