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Battlebrook Project

The food and beverage program of Alderbrook Resort desired to create a private label ale that would reflect the grit of these amazing salmon who inspired this Ralph Steadman-esque Artwork.  I grew up on a small creek that was a tributary of the Skokomish River near Olympia, WA. Each year I would watch as the salmon fought their way up river to spawn and die. They were so beat up and yet they pressed on.  My intention with this label was to create a raw aesthetic design that would convey my experience with the Salmon.

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Salmon spawn.jpg


According to Irish folklore, the Selkie is lives a mostly aquatic life as a seal, however, when necessary, it can transform from a seal to a human.

This initial iteration of the Selkie was created using Photoshop masking and painting brush textures.  I wanted to create an image that would both capture a view of the Hood Canal and also the pattern of the the Harbor Seals that are the resident dock dwellers.  

Design Phase

Using Steadman's drawing style as guide, I sketched this image of the Battlebrook salmon in Photoshop. I chose inky brushes and a variation of line quality that is often evident in Steadman's work. These variations give the image an edgy appearance and conveys the message that the salmon are battle worn.

Steadman Waddle.jpg


Often by the time the salmon reach the small streams where they spawn, they are heavily scarred from their long journey from the sea. I wanted the images to convey their ruthless pursuit and  punkish Gonzo-like determination.  Steadman's drawings provided me with the inspiration.

Saison poster.png


For the print copy, I used a very edgy brush to handwrite the copy using Photoshop. I wanted the poster art to have a weathered look, so I added color to the salmon drawing and created an aged appearance for the background.


Tasting notes

The tasting notes highlight the drawing, painting, and handwritten font that I created. 

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