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Student UX Case Study

One tap app
threed_mockup (3).png

A problem

As a student project, I was given a problem that a local brewery recently encountered when taking curbside pickup orders provided me with the opportunity to study the problem more closely in order to better understand what solutions could be made. We ended up building the One tap app to connect breweries under one app that customers could use to locate breweries with pickup nearby and make orders/purchases without leaving the app.

Pain points and learning

We began by conducting UX research through interviews to derive insights into the problem. From our problem insights, we began to ideate possible solutions. We found that while the brewery did have a pickup option and an app in place, the customer still needed to enter the physical store in order to complete the purchase. Unfortunately, this meant that the customer would need to wait in the same line as brewery/restaurant guests who were there to dine in.  From these insights into the problem, I created a big picture storyboard to visually communicate the pain points and solution. 

UX Design Certificate-Storyboard (Big picture).jpg

App Design and Ideation

We began by taking a close-up view of the app in a visual storyboard format and then a user journey flow and map for the app to better understand the design of the app's interface. I created a competitive audit to compare the websites of the nearby breweries to better understand what they were doing to address this problem and to compare their content. It was important to factor in our end-user in the design of the app, but we also wanted to make sure not to exclusively create our design for a group of users while excluding users with varying abilities, so we created personas to better understand and empathize with the users. I then created user journey flow charts to consider the accessibility of the design and to explore the user tasks. 

Competitive Audit

UX Design Certificate-Storyboard (Close up).jpg
Tamar persona (1) (1).jpeg
Tamar journey map (1) (1).jpeg
Greg persona (1) (1).jpeg
Greg user journey (1) (1).jpeg
One tap user journey.jpg

Wire framing

Once we began to refine our understanding of the user with the app, I began the wireframe process by quickly sketching paper wireframes and then iterating upon these sketches for a low-fidelity wireframe mock-up using Figma.

paper wireframes.jpg
Wireframe low-Fi.jpg
One tap wireframe homepage.jpg
Wireframe Search screen.jpg
Wireframe menu.jpg

UX Research Study Plan and Usability Study

Once we had an idea for the design for the One tap app, I created a research study plan to present our goal to the stakeholders and to lay out the research methods, questions, participants, the interview script, and KPIs for the research.

UX Research Plan

Usability Study

Affinity map

We used the affinity map to group our insights and findings from the usability studies. We found that the app had serious usability design issues that needed to be adjusted.

Affinity map.jpg
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