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lev vel Projects

In 2017, a startup home builder in Seattle,  tasked me with conveying a brand that would reflect the company's values of luxury, simplicity, and warmth to it's prospective buyers.

My role was to build a website and supporting print materials showcasing the homes. After creating a style guide, I applied the aesthetic that I created.  Through photography, spacing, and typography, I effectively conveyed the brand which resulted in rapid sale of the homes to the target demographic. 

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Home Page

By stretching the visual content from edge to edge, the viewer is drawn into the individual characteristics of each image. The footer has a darker value with light typography in order to ground and draw attention to the image above it. The social buttons are unified in minimal monochromatic values in order that they not compete with the navigation or imagery.

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The minimal lev vel icon is understated, but functions as a home button.  The page title hovers over a image slide show of the interior and exteriors of the homes in the builder's collection.

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Home Collection

When directed to the home collection page, the user has an option to select the home through scrolling tiles. Once selected, the image turns semi-opaque providing the user feedback on their selection.

Residential Portfolio

levvel designs and builds three to five homes per year. They needed a way to organize the visual content that was easily accessible and aligned with their minimal aesthetic. I created a photo grid that uniformly organized the imagery. When the image is hovered on it turns on a semi-transparent layer for the homes name and when clicked it moves to the homes individual page where more specific information and images are stored.

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